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Keep Your Transponder, Add ADS-B

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Aircraft owners ask us a lot of questions when they’re considering how to upgrade their avionics for ADS-B. But there’s one question asked most frequently by pilots who fly below FL180: “Do I have to replace my transponder?” Our usual answer is, “No,” or sometimes just, “Why?” With few exceptions, those of us who fly in the thicker air can use our current Mode A, C or S transponders alongside our ADS-B Out equipment. Sure, you can replace your older transponder with a 1090 MHz Mode S Extended Squitter (1090ES) ADS-B Out unit. But you don’t have to pull a perfectly good, functional transponder from the panel. For the large majority of piston single- and twin-engine drivers and for helicopter owners, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Getting Freq-y Pilots who fly below FL180 can use either a 1090ES transponder or a 978 MHz Universal Access Transceiver (UAT). That choice doesn’t apply to anybody who operates in Class A airspace; they must use a 1090ES transponder to support continued use of TCAS and other systems. But for everybody else a UAT – while keeping your current transponder — is the way to go: UAT technology supports expansion for…

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