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ADS-B Equipage: Key Things to Consider

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There is no shortage of information regarding ADS-B: benefits, solutions, cost, installation, certifications, compliance – there is a continuous influx of ADS-B information making headlines and remaining a hot topic within industry forums. Knowledge is power, but too much information can be difficult to digest when evaluating equipage options. In an effort to alleviate common ADS-B frustrations, presented below is a summary of a few key points to consider in order to help you take advantage of ADS-B systems and achieve rule compliance. This is a great time to equip. The ongoing ADS-B conversation has been alive with spirited dialogue with a particular focus on cost. With announcements of sub $2,000 ADS-B Out systems, many are pleased that pricing concerns have been heard, and as result, unit costs have come down. But what about the cost of installation? While unit prices are at their lowest, it is likely that installation costs are going to rise – and here is the reason why: There are about 200,000 aircraft in the United States that need to be equipped with ADS-B by January 1, 2020. We are at the halfway point between the FAA’s Final Rule in 2010 and the implementation date, and…

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