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ADS-B Truths

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Important NextGen cornerstone continues to garner support “ADS-B is the way forward – that’s undeniable,” said Mark Baker, President of AOPA. “And it can only be truly effective with full participation from all types of aircraft.” Industry support for ADS-B continues to grow. Lower-cost options that are now available on the market allow the safety and benefits provided by ADS-B to become a reality – and not just referring to the weather and traffics “benefits.” FIS-B and TIS-B tend to get a lot of the attention when talking about the perks of ADS-B, but there’s so much more than that. ADS-B lays the foundation for the bigger picture – the NextGen airspace transformation. It enables the surveillance, advisory and critical applications upon which future NextGen programs will build. ADS-B is the beginning of a safer, less-congested, and more efficient NAS. As Mr. Baker said, ADS-B is the way forward, that is undeniable. ADS-B ground stations are less expensive and smaller than radar, so it is now easier to provide ATC services in remote locations like parts of Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico as well as rugged, mountainous terrains. The FAA has produced a series of coverage maps showing these…

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