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Yes, You Can Keep Your Transponder

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“Really, I don’t have to update my transponder? Are you sure?” The FAA’s ADS-B mandate is quickly approaching and our answer to one of the most common questions asked by general aviaton aircraft owners remains unchanged. For those who fly below FL180, no, you don’t have to update your transponder. And yes…we’re sure. Your transponder has been loyal to you. Why not keep it? ADS-B compliance doesn’t mean doing away with older avionics when a simple addition gets the job done. So, before you pull your perfectly functional mode A, C or S transponder from the panel, consider using it alongside our ADS-B Out equipment to give your investment the longest life possible. Trust us, we’ve done the research and buying a new transponder just doesn’t make a lot of sense for the large majority of piston single- and twin-engine drivers and helicopter owners. Study the Film Choosing whether or not to upgrade your transponder can be a big decision. We’re here to help you understand the nuts and bolts. Since its introduction during World War II, the aircraft transponder hasn’t undergone any huge technical changes. Its overall essence has stayed consistent – a big AM radio, blasting radio waves…

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